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Beneath the Valley of the UltraVIXENS

Synopsis: Running time 93 Minutes - Color

Beneath the Valley of the UltraVIXENS

Russ Meyer's Beneath the Valley of the UltraVIXENS...an all out assault on today's sexual mores, and more...an end-around attack against women's lib...blasting through the male machismo syndrome...kicking the crap out of convictions, hang-ups, obsessions...the whole bag...sexually aggressive females, willing klutzy men, petroleum jelly, gingham and gossamer, tax-sheltered religion, black socks, bedroom prowess, bunko artists, big breast fixation, rear window rednecks, therapeutic cuckolding, the sixty mile-an-hour zinger, born again immersion, unfaithful girlfriends, limp-wristed dentistry, and virile garbage men.


  • LAVONIA...the ultimate, outrageously abundant Russ Meyer' heroine
  • EUFAULA ROOP...an "Elvira Gantry" super-stacked psalm singer of the airways
  • JUNK YARD SAL...the super cantilevered employer...every workingman's kind of female
  • FLOVILLA THATCH...voluptuous nurse and sexual surrogate
  • LOLA LANGUSTA...the carnal topless/bottomless superstar...hotter than a Mexican's lunch
  • Even THE VERY BIG BLONDE (aka Candy Samples)...awesome abundance!

BIG BOSOMS and SQUARE JAWS. Prepare to be blown away!