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Cherry, Harry, & Raquel

Synopsis: Running time 71 Minutes - Color

Cherry, Harry & Raquel

CHERRY, HARRY, & RAQUEL...menage a trois...loosely translated by Russ Meyer..."a trio is not necessarily a crowd."

CHERRY, HARRY, & RAQUEL...an incisive probe into the very soul of those people that both profit and lose as a result of the heinous narcotics racket. A dusty Arizona border town and vast expanses of baked desert provide the magnificent scenic backdrop for fast cars, blazing guns, and super-ample women...each and all hot!

The billowy registered nurse CHERRY...of exotic muscle-relaxing procedures...HARRY....erotic love ruttings on the hot desert sands...CHERRY...unfettered, pointedly endowed, and over-sexed, and featuring the super abundant USCHI DIGARD...the bosom vast, as Astrid "SOUL" Lillimor!